Energy Healing For All


💗Energy Healing For All 💗is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization established in 2021 and donations are tax-deductible. Our mission is to create a sacred space to connect to like-minded people and expand our consciousness with breathwork, energy healing, meditation, soul retrieval and 5D sound bath. We aim to provide lasting tools for you to use at home. Our goal is to provide a healing space for our community and for people in the military, veterans, and those experiencing terminal illness to improve their optimism and cognitive abilities.

Deana experienced a spiritual awakening in 2017, during which her psychic abilities began opening. She coordinates monthly donation-based meet-ups in Manhattan Beach for energy healing and 5D sound baths. She streams each event live on Instagram for those who cannot attend in person and allows them to feel the healing energy from watching.

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